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Adoboloco Hawaiian Hot Sauce Review

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This sauce is delicious, and very simple, allowing it to pair well with a wide array of food.
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Spicy Hawaiian cuisine is often dominated by Sriracha style hot sauces, which is all good until you are tired of the sweet and spicy paste. Well, a relatively younger hot sauce company named Adoboloco is making waves in Hawaii’s hot sauce market with great new products. One of which, I’m going to tell you about today.

Adoboloco’s “Hawaiian” flavor packs in unique flavor with simple and all natural ingredients. Local Hawaiian peppers give this sauce a ringing heat that hits you quickly, and after one drink, the heat easily disappears. The heat doesn’t build slowly like a ghost pepper, nor does the heat linger in your mouth like a habanero. It is hot, but it’s a very short lived heat.

In total, this sauce only has four ingredients. Apple cider vinegar, Hawaiian peppers, sea salt and garlic. The combination of peppers, salt and vinegar remind me of a Louisiana style sauce; pungent, spicy and slightly tart. While simultaneously, the faint sweetness that accompanies the apple cider vinegar and peppers mixes with the garlic and brings you back to Sriracha style sauces. This sauce can take die hard Sriracha fans to an entirely new flavor experience, while staying comfortable with a hint of the “back at home” flavors in the mix. Well thought out!

The Hawaiian flavor is very thin and runny, bright orange in color, and smells of salt and vinegar. The first meal I successfully combined this sauce with was a pimento cheese sandwich, followed the next day by Hawaiian style barbecue chicken. This sauce is delicious, and very simple, allowing it to pair well with a wide array of food.

Overall this sauce is very impressive. Fresh and bold describe it well. Making hot sauce is just as much an art form as rolling sushi and baking pastries; so in this case, Adoboloco is a masterpiece.

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Adoboloco Hot Sauce Review
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