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Scoville Rating
Aji Limo : 30,000 - 50,000 SHU

The Aji Limo pepper is a variety of the Limo chili, or Limo Blanco. ‘Blanco’ means ‘white’, so as you’d expect, the Aji Limo ripens into a whitish or very pale yellow fruit, about 2 to 3 inches long.

It’s an aromatic, spicy and and moderately hot chili with a similar taste to other Aji Limo varieties, including the distinct notes of citrus.


The Aji Limo, like other Limo chili pepper varieties, was originally cultivated on the northern coast of Peru. The name ‘Limo’ is a reference to Lima, the capital of Peru, and it is believed that they originate nearby on the western slopes of the Andes.


The Aji Limo can be used in most chili recipes that need a moderately hot pepper and which would benefit from its citrusy overtones. It can be used in hot sauces or chopped raw into a salad. Given its origin, it’s no surprise to find it used in ceviche, tiradito, and other Peruvian dishes. Aji Limo is also a great pepper for use in salsas or chili.


The Aji Limo is quite tolerant of cold weather and so can be cultivated quite easily even in temperate weather. Seedlings should be started indoors and planted outside when there is no threat of frost. Mature plants are quite frost resistant, but they don’t start out that way. Plant the seedlings about a foot apart in an area in full or at least partial sunlight. Remember to water moderately, and they should grow into low bushes about twelve to eighteen inches high. Around three months after planting the bushes shout produce as many as forty peppers each for you to enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Rincon Del Chili