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Ass Reaper Hot Sauce Review

Ass Reaper Hot Sauce Review

Pepperheads For Life contributor Nathan Cross gets the whole gang together to try some Ass Reaper hot sauce. While you would think that a sauce with a name like Ass Reaper will burn like hell, the name is a little misleading. The bottle has a skull on the cap encased beneath the grim reaper’s cloak which should be pretty intimidating to anyone.

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Official Description

The Ass Reaper is back and better than ever. Get this while you can because you never know when the Ass is gonna disappear for good. Also check out our own hot sauces made especially for us. Don’t fear the Reaper in this tasty, hotlicious hot sauce. This hot sauce comes with the Reaper on top of the bottle and the black cape to match. Ingredients include: Habaero peppers, African olesoresin, Scotch Bonnet peppers, salt, onion, vegetabel oil & garlic. Made with mothers love. Size: 5 ounces

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