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Bacon Pops – A Simple Smoked Recipe

Bacon popsicles

If you’re gonna start using a backyard smoker, or making fun stuff in an oven, you gotta start somewhere, right? Maybe something simple? Here you go!

These are called Scotch Eggs. I call them Bacon Pops. You can call them whatever you want. Really, they are bacon-wrapped meatballs on a stick.

First, make meatballs, however you want. Anything will work. Then set oven to 375 degrees.

Roll them into little balls, maybe 1 1/2 inches around. Make a LOT of them, they will go fast!

Take each ball and wrap in one strip of bacon.

Then, insert Popsicle stick into your bacon ball. Put into a tray, making sure they are not touching each other (bacon will stay raw and soggy whenever they touch).

Place them in your preheated oven for about 45 minutes. If you cook them in your smoker, they will take about 90 minutes. They will taste great in a dipping sauce of your choice!

These are the easiest things to make. I made 25. They lasted about 5 minutes. Enjoy!

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