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Bacon Sushi Recipe

Bacon Sushi Recipe

As many of you know, Facebook and Pinterest are interesting places for some neat, and of course, some strange ideas. With me being somewhat of a Bacon Fanatic (I prefer connoisseur), along with hot sauces, people send me recipes all the time that they think I would like.


You may have seen this Bacon Sushi get shared around lately, so I gave it a go. (I also made a ‘SwineApple’ which I will share another day.

For the Bacon Sushi, which for obvious health reasons, is NOT served raw, you will need a brick of cream cheese, a package of your favorite bacon, some peppers (whatever heat level you like), maybe some scallions, and some BBQ sauce.

The video I saw, showed a Chef-type guy using a sushi mat to create this work of art. I just used a sheet of tinfoil to wrap my ‘sushi.’ I cut the cream cheese in half, lengthwise, and placed peppers and scallions (not pictured) at one end of the bacon. Drizzle a bit of BBQ sauce on top, then start rolłing.

You will want to lay out your bacon strip, overlapping them just a bit, so they cook and tighten up together, since they need to hold in the filling. You will notice I used bell peppers for this trial, as my wife and kids were going to try this with me. With this much cream cheese filling, a much hotter pepper could definitely be used. I might also use my favorite Kilauea Fire Hot BBQ Sauce instead of an off-the-shelf sauce.

Now, the recipe I got, said to cook this rolł on a smoker for 2 hours. I was very concerned that in 2 hours, the cream cheese would melt, and drip out of the roll. It turns out, my fears were unfounded. (Not wanting to waste perfectly good space in my smoker, I also did a beef rib rack alongside the Bacon Sushi).

You’ll see that I basted the rolls with BBQ sauce a few times during the smoking process. You could definitely make these on a grill, using indirect heat (the ‘cold’ side of a covered grill).

While it did take a bit of ‘prep’ work to make this, it was a big hit at our house the day I made it, and 2 rolłs weren’t even close to enough for what everyone wanted. I think next time I would make a Kilauea Fire Jalapeño Roll, along with bell pepper rolł, for those with tamer tastebuds. I would also use a bit less cream cheese, but Hey! It’s sure fun trying these things out!

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