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Bacon Wrapped Beef Dogs


Ok folks, with my sincerest apologies, the Bacon Adventure continues…

It’s funny how much peppers and bacon have in common. They are both widely appreciated, and both very addicting. Once you start, you just can’t stop! I have several friends that, every time they see bacon, or peppers, automatically think of me. They often forward me recipes and photos of things I might enjoy making, or adding a twist. And once a recipe shows up, I often have it forwarded to me several times! Bacon onion rings, bacon grilled cheese and corn bread stuffed peppers come to mind …… I will be making a couple of those soon.

This one was set to me a bit ago as cheese-stuffed beef dogs. They looked OK, but my friend Scott, as is his custom, said it ‘needs bacon.’ Who am I to say no??

So we start with 48 ounces of ground beef, and 8 ounce ‘brick’ of your favorite cheese (we used cheddar), a pound of bacon, a package of hot dog buns, and whatever mixing a you want to use to season your ground beef.


So, first, I mixed up my ground beef with bread crumbs, garlic salt, Cajun seasoning, etc. I then set it aside for a moment and sliced the cheese into strips. You then take a handful of meat, about the size of a 2-inch meatball, then roll it into a shape like a hot dog. When you put it down, make an indentation in it about the size of one of your cheese sticks.

stuff the beef

Then wrap the meat around the cheese. Once this cooks, it will be like a bacon cheeseburger, with the cheese INSIDE! (And it helps to do it on a NASCAR plate!)

wrapped in bacon

Now, the fun part. Wrap each piece in bacon. The bacon will stick to the beef pretty well, so you shouldn’t need to use toothpicks.

If you want to bake these in the oven, go ahead. If you are going to grill them, grill them indirectly! Heat up one side of your grill, then place these on the other side. Otherwise, the bacon grease will cause a huge fire, and you will destroy these treats. My grill has four burners. I lit the two outside ones (#1 and #4) and cooked the bacon dogs on top of the un-lit two center spots.

bacon wrapped beef dogs

Our chickens had a productive day, so my son decided he wanted eggs with dinner. It made for a nice photo.

These Bacon-wrapped Cheesy Beef-Dogs actually cooked pretty quick. Keeping the grill temp about 300 degrees, you want these to have an inner temp of 160 before serving. They took about 15 minutes to cook. A little mustard and ketchup, and Michael approved! Enjoy!

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