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Bacon Wrapped Scalloped Potatoes

bacon wrapped scalloped potatoes

So, I’m in this bacon journey, traveling through some recipes that are completely senseless, and I stumble across a few that actually catch my attention. I think to myself, ‘with a little more of this, a bit less of that, it could work.’ Meet: Bacon Wrapped Scalloped Potatoes.

When I first found this recipe, it showed a BIG plate of scalloped potatoes, filling a pie pan, then wrapped in bacon. I re-imagined it in more bite-sized pieces.

First, preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Get your favorite scalloped potato recipe, then make it. I’m not going to get into potato recipes here, those are up to you. Leftovers would work perfectly fine for this.

Get a tray or pan, and make a foil sheet, turning up the edges (keeps the grease from running all over). Use a tray, or cutting board, to make strips a bit wider than your spoonfuls of potato.

Scoop a tablespoon of potatoes onto your bacon strips.

Wrap bacon around the potatoes, covering them as much as possible. You may have to add or remove potatoes to make them fit right:

Place in your preheated oven, or use a smoker, for more flavor. An hour in the oven, maybe 2 in a smoker, and this is what you have.

I hope you enjoy these as much as we did!

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Bacon Wrapped Scalloped Potatoes
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