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Boar’s Head Jalapeno Pepper Sauce Review

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Editor's Review

If you prefer a medium/low heat sauce then this is for you.
10 Taste
4 Heat
7 Smell
4 Look

As a child I have very fond memories of standing three and a half feet tall at the deli counter, asking for as many samples I could possibly get. But can you blame me? It was Boars Head! Little did I know I would now be reviewing one of their products.

This hot sauce is Boars Head Jalapeño Pepper Sauce. And just like their delicatessen line of meats and cheese, this sauce is superb! Ripe, red jalapeños kick start the heat factor in this sauce. The other ingredients are simply; vinegar, salt, and spices. And although this is a short list, this sauce has a depth of flavor.

Jalapeño peppers are a very common pepper, and often times an over exhausted flavor in spicy cuisine. With that said, I love to taste food that really breaks down this hot, fruity flavor; this sauce did exactly that. Neither the vinegar nor salt component overpowers the pepper’s natural flavor. Earthy, and spiced just right. Delicious! This is a hot sauce you could add to a wide array of food, not too complex.

When you crack open its golden colored lid, a warm pungent smell hits your nose. And just like the taste, the beautiful aroma of jalapenos are skillfully crafted into this sauce. The scent of this sauce is not too complex, quite simple, yet most satisfying.

If you prefer a medium/low heat sauce then this is for you. And for the same price you pay for an overpriced cup of coffee, you can indulge in this “all natural” treat.