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Capsiate : 16,000 SHU

Chili peppers are known for their pungent heat that is often a major cause of indigestion and other health related problems. Issues with allergies and reactions to the extract capsaicin, which causes the burning feeling when biting a pepper have often made it difficult for some people to use dietary supplements and extracts based on this natural compound. A second compound was found in 1989 in a rare variety of sweet chili pepper, CH-19, which does not cause the same burning sensation in the mouth and throat when chewed. The compound, capsiate, is now commonly used in dietary supplements and extracts as a less pungent substitute for capsaicin.

Capsiate is a part of the capsinoid family of natural compounds, which are includes dihydrocapsiate and nordihydrocapsiate. This family of compounds was isolated in 1989 by a team of biologists, headed by Susumu Yazawa of Kyoto University, searching for the reasons why the rare CH-19 pepper was not as hot and pungent as its close relatives in the pepper family. Eventually, this family of compounds was discovered within the makeup of CH-19 peppers and identified as the reason for its sweet flavor and mild nature. The main benefit the team of biologists discovered was that capsiate has a pungent heat level less than 1000 times that of peppers containing capsaicin.

Capsiate can only be obtained from the CH-19 pepper, which was brought to the attention of the world after being discovered by the biology team from Kyoto in the Asian country of Thailand. Production of these peppers remains centered in a single region of the country, making this sweet pepper extract rare to find.

Following the discovery of capsiate, the naturally occurring chemical compound was quickly placed on the market as a dietary supplement and extract loved for its good health providing qualities. Short term studies and anecdotal evidence have so far shown capsiate to have a large variety of benefits when taken as a supplement in people with a variety of medical issues. Amongst the benefits of capsiate in extract form is the ability to provide a form of protection from cancer from its well publicized anticancer qualities, as well as having anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities. In recent years, supplements containing capsiate have also grown in popularity as a weight management tool, with this extract often cited in research as raising the energy metabolism in users and helping to burn fats more efficiently and quickly.

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