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Check Out Red Robot Hot Sauce


“Man, this hot sauce is good!” was no doubt music to their ears. Bottle after bottle flew from their vendor booth at the National BBQ Cup, until they sold out. The crowd loved it! So who am I talking about you ask? Tabasco? Texas Pete? Louisiana?… The answer, Red Robot!

Red Robot is making its mark on the hot sauce industry with amazing flavor explosion and undying commitment to quality. And now, four years after the National BBQ Cup, I had the opportunity to personally interview the owners/founders of Red Robot.

These guys have an unwavering commitment to their brand. From butcher shops to supermarkets, Red Robot has jumped from being sold at roughly 15 stores, to now topping 65. But let it be known, this is no easy task.

red robot hot sauce

Red Robot will have a table at this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show, in New York City, on June 28th – 30th.

Sourcing, marketing, networking, labeling, production, distribution, quality control, legal analysis, all fell into the arms of these two Conyers, Georgia natives, when Red Robot became official back in 2012. The support of family and friends has triumphed as their motivation to stay strong and keep focused. But above all of their supporters, Mike and Eric both gave special recognition to their wives. “I have seen a lot of guys in the early stages of business in this industry fail, because they don’t have the support from their wife.” Is how Eric stated it.

hot peppers

Before the creation of Red Robot, both Mike and Eric had their own favorite hot sauce. Cholula, and Frank’s Red Hot.

Throughout our walk at the Atlanta Farmers Market (their original source of peppers), I was very pleased to hear the level of pride and honesty put into each drop of their hot sauce. No artificial anything, no preservatives, no shortcuts, fresh produce only, never powdered forms of ingredients.

“Lane, we have so many people tell us, ‘Wow, this hot sauce tastes so fresh’. And fresh ingredients like this is exactly why.”

hot sauce and eggs

Lane: What is that special food that you absolutely can NOT eat without hot sauce? Red Robot: Definitely, eggs.

If I know one thing for sure about Red Robot, it’s that they want you to love their hot sauce as much as they love it themselves. It’s so much more than a get rich quick, novelty brand. This delicious, spicy treat is forged with a “failure is not an option” attitude, as Mike described it.

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