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Cumari Du Para Pepper

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We have become fascinated by this little pepper. It’s history, aroma, flavor, beauty, so much from a pepper that is only the size of a pea. The Cumari Pepper is a member of the Capsicum Chinense species. There are several types in the family, including the Cumari Ou Passarinho, Cumari Se Crescente, Cumari Verdadeira, and Cumari Do Para (pictured). The Do Para being one of the most popular. However, there is only one that belongs to the Capsicum Praetermissium species, the one true Cumari, the Cumari Pollux. It is a rare, wild Brazilian pepper. Even rare the the locals themselves. The origins of the Cumari pepper are fairly self explanatory. It resides from the Cumari region of Brazil.

Taste and Smell

In the same family as Scotch Bonnets, and Habaneros, the Cumari has a really nice, sweet flavor. For their size, they pack a punch, and have a very nice burn. It’s amazing how such a small pepper can be so aromatic and flavorful.


A high yielding plant, the Cumari Pepper can be hardy and an easy grow, lasting several years if protected from frost. However, it will need a very long growing season. It is a very ornamental with beautiful flowers. Most Cumari plants only grow a few feet high, but have larger leaves and are fairly bushy. The Cumari Pollox can grow upwards of 6 ft tall and 5ft wide. The fruits are a little bit larger than a pea and ripen from green to yellow, red, and orange. Its seeds are said to be a bit hard to germinate, as some will work well and others could take months to sprout.

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Photo Credit: ethno botanik

Cumari Pepper
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Cumari Pepper
There are several types of Cumari Peppers. These peppers pack a huge punch for their size and are fairly rare, but beautiful and delicious.