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Fincher’s BBQ Sauce Review

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Something magical happens when you add this southern style sauce to wood smoked meats.
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As a family summer tradition when I was a boy, we would make a lunch stop in Macon, GA on the drive down to Florida. This tradition has now been carried on to my own family, if we head south to the beach, we stop here. And why stop in Macon you ask, for Finchers Barbeque!

This delicious, “hole in the wall” southern hospitality destination is sure to put a smile on your face. Their Brunswick stew and pulled pork sandwich will take you to flavor heaven, even the burger has a unique twist that makes it amazing. But what I’m going to tell you most about is the part of the restaurant you can take home with you to remember Finchers months later.

Finchers Barbeque Sauce is a light heat sauce, using red and black pepper to spice it up. Other ingredients include basic BBQ elements like ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire and sugar. Then to add to the fun, this sauce throws in more unique elements like lemon juice, celery seed, and mustard bran.

This sauce can be described as tangy, sweet and bold. A tart and sour taste from the vinegar is the first impression this sauce gives the pallet. Then the same vinegar that delivers the sourness, powers through in sharing the sweet and spicy flavors incorporated. Aftertaste here is a low tone taste of mustard.

Stand-alone tasting did well, however, something magical happens when you add this southern style sauce to wood smoked meats. For that matter, meat in general; a deli style turkey sandwich, or even an order of chicken nuggets goes nicely with this sauce.

Smelling the sauce reveals much more of the ketchup and sugar than what is actually tasted. If you were to only smell without tasting, you could be fooled in thinking this sauce was a much sweeter Kansas City style BBQ sauce, rather than the Carolina style that it truly is.

Overall, Finchers Barbeque Sauce, is wonderful! This summer time tradition will undoubtedly remain a Williams Family tradition! Try it out for yourselves, and thanks for reading!

You haven’t had delicious southern barbecue until you’ve had us. For over 75 years, we’ve been teasing taste buds with our pit-cooked pork, sandwiches, and more.

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