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Fire in the Hole Salsa Review

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As tasty as this can be with different foods, it’s nothing overly special.
7 Taste
7 Heat
7 Smell
8 Appearance

First Impressions

There’s a wick attached to the lid of the salsa and that’s just gimmicky enough to get me to try this.  It’s a thick and chunky salsa and it doesn’t slide around on your chip like crappy store bought salsas usually do.  It smells sweet and smoky, but it also smells spicy and tangy.  Very interesting.


It’s got a good bite to it and you can taste the citrus, pepper, onion and garlic.  It’s also smoky which is not what I expected from a salsa that lists habanero as its only pepper (their website says it has a blend of 21 peppers, so who knows).  It’s good, however I don’t use it for chips after my initial taste because I prefer a more fresh tasting salsa for chips.  I have added this to chili and put it on tacos and fajitas.  I even put it on some sausage and it worked wonderfully on all of them.


It’s got a pretty good kick to it.  I wish they’d have included the hottest pepper used in the ingredients list because this is hotter than a habanero without being quite ghost pepper hot.  It only took a few chips to make my forehead start sweating.

Final Thoughts

As tasty as this can be with different foods, it’s nothing overly special.  I’ve had higher end store bought salsas that were pretty similar to this, both heat and flavor wise.  Not worth going out of your way to find, but if you’re buying stuff on Amazon and need 1 more thing for free shipping, or if you find yourself in Galena, IL then it’s certainly worth trying just for the hell of it.

Official Description

HOT – The hottest all natural salsa in the world! After your first taste you will scream ” FIRE IN THE HOLE.” Our special mix of 21 different peppers will make your tastebuds go WILD! WARNING: Not for Whimps or Crybabies. Xtra Spicy Hot!!!!! “Open, Enjoy, Sweat” – Chef Ivo

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