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Frostbite Hot Sauce Review

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It calls itself a hot sauce, but I dare anyone to just pour this on their food.
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Like me, I think that most people that enjoy hot and spicy food, also enjoy cooking. It might be grilling, or barbecue (there IS a difference), but it is fun finding different uses for our spices and sauces, coming up with different dishes.

That brings me to one of my favorite ingredients, Frostbite Hot Sauce. It calls itself a hot sauce, but I dare anyone to just pour this on their food. A friend of mine who can take extreme heat, tested it one day with me. We tasted one drop at time, until we couldn’t take any more. We each had to stop at 6 drops. The image of molten lava going down, stuck in our brains!

Frostbite has a vinegar base, but it is best used as an ‘additive’, much like Dave’s Insanity, but without the ‘flavor’ change. Frostbite’s advantage is that you can add it to a dish, chili, stew, or my favorite, BBQ sauce, without changing the flavor profile of the food. When you have something tasty, adding Frostbite just adds heat. The more you add, the hotter it becomes!

Frostbite bottles come with a pamphlet of ‘drink mixes’ to make spicy cocktails. I will leave THAT for others to review, but for straight heat, Frostbite can’t be beat!

Official Description

Frostbite Hot Sauce is the world’s first white hot sauce and it’s is as unique as it looks. With virtually no flavor, Frostbite Hot Sauce is ideal for adding to beer or other adult beverages to give them some intense burn without altering the flavor. Very strange and totally one of a kind.

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