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Gingerol : 60,000 SHU

Gingerol is an active ingredient found in and easily extracted from Ginger Root. Gingerol can be found to be closely related to both black pepper and chili pepper extracts which also create a spicy nectar. Gingerol has many different purposes from helping to spice up a flavorful dish, to also helping aid in many different grades of health problems.

Ginger is a plant which is found primarily in India. Ginger is actually not a root at all but more closely related to a Rhizome. Rhizomes are underground stems which grow in a horizontal formation into a bulb from which the actual roots themselves grow.

How Is Gingerol Extracted?

Using different organic solvents such as Ethanol the Gingerol oil is isolated and extracted from within the Ginger Plants root itself.

Gingerol is also the key in creating another flavor enhancing oil known as Zingerone, Zingerone is extracted after cooking Ginger. Zingerone is similar to Gingerol but has a more sweet nectar to the spicy aftertaste of Gingerol.

Now if you dry and grind up ginger you create a 3rd compound known as Shogoal. Shogoal is the complete opposite of Zingerone. It takes the Gingerol and actually comes out twice as spicy and strong. Which is why a very tiny touch of dried Ginger when cooking goes a very long way.

Is Ginger Good For Me

The Ginger plant itself has been used throughout the world to help treat many different conditions. Ginger naturally causes an anti-serotonin reaction in the gastric region of the central nervous system causing it to create a antispasmodic effect.

Currently by ingesting Ginger you are actually helping to prevent from occurring within your body dementia, fever, infectious viruses, muscle aches, arthritis and many other conditions.

During pregnancy and also motion sickness taking Ginger is an effective way to prevent Nausea. Which is why some women during pregnancy are recommended to drink Ginger Ale during their first semester.

Health Benefits

Gingerol itself can be directly connected to the slowing of the formation of tumors with many different forms of cancer from breast cancer, stomach, and even skin cancer. Along with helping to fight and prevent cancer. Gingerol is also proven to be both a natural anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Overall Ginger in all of its forms is not only a great flavor enhancer but is a very healthy supplement to add into any meal or diet. Making it one of the top recommended foods to keep on your spice rack.

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