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Habanaga Pepper

Scoville Rating
800,000 SHU

If you are looking to turn up the heat, look no further. If you want to feel the burn long after you have finished eating, then the Habanaga pepper is what you need. This pepper is so hot that the Indian army has used them like weapons with their burning blinding ability. Now that’s hot! The Habanaga chili pepper is rated at a whopping 800,000 on the Scoville Scale for Peppers. It is bursting with flavor, but it is so hot, it will make you cry, sweat and could even make it impossible to talk for a brief amount of time.

Uses For The Habanaga Pepper

Now in regards to the use of these fiery beasts, the possibilities are endless. From soups to chili and pasta to nachos that can burn your lips off, you will not be disappointed. Keep in mind that fiery pieces of delight for all heat lovers do need to be eaten with care. Obviously making the fatal mistake of touching your eyes, nose or mouth when preparing these peppers will probably result in some unpleasant moments especially with their degree of heat.

Keep in mind, less is more when using this type of pepper in your favorite recipes. For example, want to kick it up a notch the next time you make burgers? Dicing up an option with a small amount of this pepper will definitely kick your taste buds into overdrive, and if you want even more delicious decadence, paired with your favorite cheese makes an excellent hot cheese dip. Want to give your ketchup a kick? Well there you go, but proceed with caution. Remember that everyone’s tolerance is different.


Wonder how this pepper was created? A New Mexico University student accidentally crossed a Habanero pepper with a Naga Jolokia pepper, both of which of pretty fiery alone, but combined the Habanaga chili pepper was was created. So there you go, some food for thought. So chop, dice, slice and saute this firecracker, but be prepared!

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