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Hellhound Ghost Pepper Sauce Review


Editor's Review

It’s flavorful, spicy, and an all-around excellent sauce.
10 Taste
8 Heat
9 Smell
9 Appearance

First Impressions

When I first saw this sauce I didn’t really pay it any attention.  The label just seemed like the manufacturer was trying way too hard to get me to think “Ooo that’s scary and hot”…but as I roamed the hot sauce shop I kept coming back to it because of the mustard brown color and the seemingly thick consistency.  So what the hell, I bought it.  As I said, the label appears to me to be the attempt of someone trying to be “too cool for hot sauce school”.  It’s got red and yellow lettering (flames, get it?) and an admittedly impressive drawing of a Cerberus with some nice silver foil inlay.  The smell is very pleasant, with mustard and garlic and smoky ghost pepper notes.  It’s a pretty thick sauce making it both hard and easy to accidently pour too much.


If you like mustard, this sauce is for you.  It’s so very good; Smokey, mustardy without being overpowering, and tangy.  There is the occasional chunk of pepper in the sauce, making for some fun bites when you’re not expecting it.  I’ve put this on sandwiches, enchiladas and burgers.  If you’d put mustard on it, try this instead.  If you wouldn’t put mustard on it….well screw it, try this anyway.


This is exactly as spicy as you’d expect a ghost pepper sauce to be.  It comes in at around 900k on the scoville scale and it certainly lets you know that it’s not some Wendy’s knock off ghost pepper sauce.  For my tastes, ghost pepper is the perfect heat level for normal eating and this sauce fits right into that range.  Hot enough to torture your weaker friends, not so hot that you second guess using it yourself.

Final Thoughts

Despite my initial reluctance to purchase this sauce I’m very happy I did.  It’s flavorful, spicy, and an all-around excellent sauce.  This sauce certainly deserves a try and if mustard is not your thing it still deserves a spot on your shelf because it’s just that good.

Official Description

As you pass through the gates of Hell, you will be greeted by a beast feared by all: Satan’s best friend, Hellhound! His bite is as fierce as the bite of this delicious Caribbean mustard hot sauce made with both Habanero and Ghost peppers. When you first taste this sauce, you will think you died and went to Heaven. Then the burn will turn on and make you feel like you are standing in the fires of Hell holding on to Hellhound’s chains and wondering why. Take this wicked, tasty sauce home today and enjoy it if you dare!

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