The Hottest Sauce in the Universe Review
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The Hottest Sauce in the Universe Review

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While this might not be the actual hottest sauce in the universe, you wouldn’t know it.
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According to the label, this hot sauce is good for de-icing your driveway and fueling your car. Of course that means I have to try it. The Hottest Sauce in the Universe comes in at a paltry 3.5 million scoville units which makes it stupidly hot, but not even close to the hottest….I feel lied to already.

First Impressions

The bottle immediately draws your eye when on the shelf. From its bright label with reds and yellows and oranges to its bright red wax seal over the cap (very Makers Mark of them, I feel fancy) the design is just begging you to buy it. The sauce itself is a brownish red and neither really thick nor really thin. It has a very strong pepper smell but not overwhelming, which is a nice change from most 2+ million scoville sauces I’ve tried in the past.


I taste all my sauces the same way, on a Wheat Thin or a Triscuit. I personally prefer something to chew on while I taste the sauce and it also allows for tasting the sauce without getting it on the lips. The sauce immediately hits you with a strong and peppery flavor, not surprising considering the only ingredients are peppers, vinegar, and extract. For a super-hot sauce the flavor is actually really good….while your tongue can still taste it that is.


While this might not be the actual hottest sauce in the universe, you wouldn’t know it. This sauce hits fast and it hits hard. Within a few seconds my whole tongue is on fire, my forehead is sweaty (and my wife is calling me a moron lol) and I’m starting to question my sanity. This is not a sauce to use on your taco or a sandwich etc. As a matter of fact, I have put a drop in a bowl of stew and it was enough to make the stew super spicy.


Official Description

Add some HEAT to your Universe!!!  WARNING:  Keep away from small children and pets.  5 fl. oz.  Heat level X-Hot ++

Final Thoughts

Considering how hot this is and how strong of a pepper flavor this has, there are really only two uses I can recommend for this sauce. First, this will be perfect for large batches of chili or jambalaya and other similar dishes. Just please remember to start sparingly, a little goes a long way. You can always add more but you can’t take the excess out. Second, and more entertaining, is for challenging your friends toughness. We pass these types of sauces around on break at work and laugh at each other’s reactions. Or you can do as the label says, “apply to other people’s food, fuel your car, unclog your drains and heat your home.” As for me, it’s been between -35 and 15 degrees with some snow here for the last week so I think I’m going to try and de-ice my driveway.