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Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

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Use at your own risk!
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My general rule of thumb is: If you have to hang a Cowboy Hat or a Bullet from your hot sauce bottle, you are trying to compensate for something. The sauce should speak for itself.

After reading the label that warned me to ‘Use at my Own Risk,’ and ‘My heirs and I release Mad Dog, from any injury….’, I will say that I am pleasantly surprised by Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce. A thick, peppery hot sauce, made with Habanero and Cayenne peppers and a Scoville a rating of 600,000, this sauce really packs a punch. The heat hits you about 3 seconds after you taste it and lasts a good long time. Handle this one with care.

Other than trying it as a ‘dare,’ I don’t see any reason to use this sauce straight from the bottle. It would be a great addition to a chili, as it has a nice, smoky flavor. I do tend to prefer Cayenne sauces myself, so I really enjoyed this one. I think it would make a good ingredient in ‘heating up’ your favorite BBQ sauce. At $24.95, this sauce isn’t cheap, but it IS worth trying.

But remember, as the label says, ‘Be aware of the potential damage if used or handled improperly ……..’

Ingredients: Distilled Vinegar, Chile Extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville cayenne pepper, spices and xanthan gum.

Official Description

Mad Dog 357 hot sauce will shoot your mouth down in flames. This killer sauce is packed with 357,000 scoville units of heat. This sauce rates number 9 on our top 20 hottest sauces. One hit and this sauce will blow you away. Finally, a super hot sauce that tastes like real Chile peppers. This sauce is blended with ingredients that makes a sauce fit to take your breath away. About five seconds after you taste the recommended dose of one drop, prepare your mouth and mind for five to 20 minutes of agony that all true chili-heads fully understand and appreciate. Because it’s so powerful, the average chili freak can get 200,000 mind-blowing, fiery doses in each bottle. This sauce has a legal disclaimer printed directly on the label.

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Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce
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