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new mexico pepper scoville units

Scoville Rating
500 - 1,000 SHU

The New Mexico pepper is a variety of the chili pepper that originated in Mexico. It is a larger pepper measuring five inches in length and two inches in width. The skin of the pepper is thin and waxy with a deep green color. This is a very mild type of pepper. The pepper plant can grow to be about three feet tall and has very thick stems and large leaves. The pepper pods begin growing upright and as they become mature and heavy they tend to fall over in a downward position.

 Pepper Planting

The New Mexico pepper is very easy to cultivate in nearly any climate. It grows well in the ground or in pots. This makes it the ideal variety for those living in apartments or those with a limited amount of outdoor ground. Plants for this variety are very hard to find in stores for purchase. The plants most usually must be raised by individuals from seeds. The seeds grow easily in cups. After they reach a height of about five inches, they are ready for transplantation.

Plants should be placed in areas that receive a great amount of sunshine during the day and adequate evening shade. Without the shade, the plants will scald in the sunlight. Each plant should be placed with two feet or more of space around them. This allows for the maximum amount of growth. New Mexico pepper plants often yield up to fifty pods in a life cycle. The soil surrounding the plants should be kept free of weeds.

New Mexico peppers should be watered on a regular basis and the soil should never be allowed to dry out. Never water the pepper plants in the heat of the day. Watering should be done in the early morning or the late evening. Only non-chlorinated water should be used. It is suggested that rain or well water is the best.

Harvesting Time

The New Mexico pepper takes about 80 days to fully grow and mature. This type should not be harvested before they are fully mature. Peppers that have not yet fully developed will continue to mature after harvesting the mature pods. For up to three weeks, additional peppers can be harvested. This pepper is excellent for drying and grinding into a powder for seasoning. It takes about ten pounds of pepper to make a pound of dried pepper.

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