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Neal’s Delicious Suffering Hot Sauce Review

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Don’t hesitate to add this bottle to your collection.
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Delicious?  Suffering?  At the same time?   Sign me up!  The label says “use one drop at a time”….HAH!

First Impressions

The sauce just looks mean.  It’s a dark reddish brown with a thick and lumpy texture.  Add to that the S&M pepper on the label and this just screams spicy.  The smell is peppery and garlicky with hints of tomato and vinegar.  I can tell already this will be perfect on beef dishes.


It’s delicious!  This is not a sauce to put on something light as it will easily overpower simple flavors with only a couple of drops.  I put it on a beef stew and it boosted the flavor immensely.  The garlic, tomato and cilantro (which don’t really come out when trying it on a spoon) make an appearance when mixed into the hot broth.   I would add a few drops to stews or chili or gumbo without a second thought.


When I first tasted the hot sauce I was a little disappointed….2 seconds later my tongue was calling me a jerk.  It’s no scorpion pepper sauce but when it finally hits, it hits full force.  There is no slow buildup that some of the seriously spicy sauces have, its wham bam thank you ma’am.  The heat also lingers for a long while.  I had the misfortune of getting some of the pulp on the back of my throat and the pain lasted a good 6-7 minutes before it finally lowered to an annoying tingle.

Final Thoughts

Now this is a hot sauce!  While I enjoy the stupidly hot sauces that hit 2+ million scoville mark, I generally wouldn’t mix those into a bowl of anything, only full pots.  This sauce it the best of both worlds, hot enough to make you sweat a lot, hot enough to torture unsuspecting co-workers, however not so hot that it doesn’t go well with a single serving of food.  Don’t hesitate to add this bottle to your collection.

Official Description

Do you like pain for pleasure? Do you feel your best when you ache with pain? Break out the leather, whips and chains because this sauce is about to give you what you’ve been wishing for… DELICIOUS SUFFERING! Delicious Suffering will have you begging to stop while you’re begging for more. Feel the heat that hurts-so-good.

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