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new mex big jim pepper

Scoville Rating
500 - 2,500 SHU

This wonderful pepper originated in Mexico. It is one of the larger peppers and is perfect for stuffed peppers and Chile Relleno’s. They have a very mild taste but are full of nutrients for your body. A very tasty chili pepper seasoning can be made from the New Mex Big Jim after it has dried and ground into powder. Ten pounds of pepper will make a pound of chili seasoning.

The skin of this pepper is thin and waxy with a dark green color. It grows to a height of about three feet with thick stems and large leaves. These peppers normally measure about five inches long and about two inches in width. Some peppers have grown to about 12 inches.

This pepper has about 120 calories and 26g of carbohydrates and loaded with fiber at 11g, 15g of sugar and 4g of protein.

The New Mex Big Jim pepper makes an excellent addition to your garden as well as your diet. The mild flavor makes it perfect for those who prefer a milder taste of pepper.


The plant grows best with full son and will mature in about 80 days. It grows best in a sandy soil and needs to be watered regularly. Non-chlorinated is recommended for watering. Normal yield can be up to fifty pods in the pepper’s life cycle. The pod begins its life cycle as a small white flower. The pod turns green as it ripens and then into a full red color. The plants should be planted with a good two feet of space around each plant. The soil should be kept free of weeds. Watering should be done in the late evening or early morning to avoid scorching the plants. Plants also do well in large pots on patios or decks.

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Photo Credit: Huffington Post