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Ob’s Irie Pepper Sauce Review

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Fortunately for me, this sauce stood behind its name, it is absolutely delicious!
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I’ve had my eye on this sauce for quite some time now, and I have heard only good things. So when I finally got my first bottle in the mail, I was ecstatic! And I must say, tearing into a new box of hot sauce never gets old.

Looking at this bottle gave me a tropical beach type feeling. The labeling is covered with images of palm trees and bright sunshine. The red and black flag of Trinidad and Tobago is displayed. Even the word “Irie” in the name of the sauce will take you to the beach. Irie is a common adjective used in the Caribbean meaning perfect, or very pleasing! Fortunately for me, this sauce stood behind its name, it is absolutely delicious!

Apple cider vinegar is the first ingredient in this sauce. Less common yes, but it works great, giving each bite a small hint of bitter sweetness, as opposed to the strictly sour taste of plain white vinegar. Some other ingredients in this sauce are onions, mustard, lime juice, garlic and cilantro. Perhaps it’s a magic combination, but some of my absolute favorite sauces contain onions and cilantro. Both of which you can clearly taste in this sauce, giving it a garden- fresh flavor. The mustard adds a very bold, zippy flavor in this sauce. Undoubtedly the best part of this sauce is that it has such exquisite balance, it’s very easy to add to almost anything.

Chili pepper is what the back of the bottle lists as the primary heat source. No exact pepper is named, but to me it tastes like a Habanero or Scotch Bonnet. There is a generous amount of heat, and the light sweetness of pepper flavor. This would be too hot for the strictly mild hot sauce fans, but no matter your preference, this creation deserves at least a try.

Have you ever took a big whiff of a hot sauce and felt that stinging sensation in your nose?  I know the feeling all too well. Luckily, this sauce doesn’t have that super spicy smell. You can smell the peppers and vinegar, but more than anything the aroma of mustard flows from the bottle.

Overall this sauce gets an A+. Medium heat, all-natural, and superb usability. Awesome job Ob’s Irie Pepper Sauce!

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