Hot Pepper Vodka. Bloody Mary Lovers Rejoice!
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Hot Pepper Vodka. Bloody Mary Lovers Rejoice!


It’s half way through October and finally starting to get cool here in Florida. Our version of the Fall season isn’t like most other states. We are still surfing without wetsuits, it rains all the time, and flip flops are the preferred method of transportation. However, one thing that does change with the seasons for us are the cocktails, and it’s Bloody Mary season!

Being a Pepperhead, my Bloodys require a generous amount of hot sauce. And being a new found Bloody Mary lover, I’ve been on an endless quest trying different recipes in an attempt to create the best Bloody ever! Throughout this quest, I’ve been trying all types of ingredients, except Pepper flavored vodka.

Ok, this is nothing new. I’m well aware of that. Infused hot pepper vodka has been around forever, but my new found obsession with Bloody Marys and my love of hot peppers has finally led me to the ultimate ingredient for the perfect Bloody.

HellFyre Vodka

hellfyre vodka review

UV Sriracha

UV Sriracha Vodka

Stoli Hot Jalapeno Vodka

Stoli Pepper Vodka

Polugar Garlic & Pepper Vodka

Polugar Pepper Voka

Absolute Pepper Vodka

Absolute Peppar Vodka

Hot Monkey Vodka

Hot Monkey Pepper Vodka

Naga Chili Pepper Vodka

Master of Malt Naga Pepper Vodka

Have you had a chance to try any of these? Leave us a comment below and let us know which one is your favorite!

Update: This list is near a year old now. Have you had a chance to try any that aren’t on this list? If so let us know what they are in the comments below and we’ll feature them in this years list.

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Hot Pepper Vodka
What better to spice up your Bloody Mary than a hot pepper Vodka? Here is a list of some popular hot vodkas that will surely turn your face red.

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  • Joshua Joshua says:

    I have had the Absolut Pepper Vodka. It’s surprisingly good and perfect for a bloody mary. This isn’t a habanero or jalapeno or any other kind of garden grown pepper though, it’s black pepper. So if you’re looking for heat it won’t have it. It’s also not very good for vodka martini’s. However, if you want really good pepper vodka, make your own. It’s simple. Take 1 bottle of your favorite vodka (please please please don’t use an expensive one like Crystal Skull or something though), do a couple shots (for space in the bottle and for a buzz), place 3-5 peppers of your choice and a couple garlic cloves. I usually do a Serrano/Habanero mix. Put it in a dark corner of the kitchen/basement/dungeon and let it sit for 7-10 days. Pour out the vodka into something large and pour friendly and then remove the peppers and garlic from the bottle, then refill the bottle. Viola, magic pepper vodka that is perfect for a blood mary or a vodka martini. Kick it up a notch and do as above along with a bunch of tomatoes as well, then use the leftover tomatoes in the bloody mary afterwords.

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