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Pickapeppa Sauce Review

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Overall, Pickapeppa, is a top notch sauce.
10 Taste
2 Heat
10 Smell
8 Appearance

It’s a pleasure to write a review on this sauce, seeing that Jamaica is a place close to my heart. It’s even more of a pleasure to review a Jamaican sauce that is extraordinarily unique and delicious!

Pickapeppa Sauce is a nearly strange combination of fruits, vegetables, and spices, which blended together make something amazing. Cane vinegar, ginger, cloves, raisins, peppers, and even orange peel are some of the assortment of all-natural and preservative free ingredients in this Jamaican topping. The flavor you will pick up first and foremost is cloves and sugar. This semi sweet burst is followed up by the tart taste of cane vinegar and ginger, mixed with fresh tasting tomatoes, onions and peppers. To finish off this puzzle of flavor, you faintly pick up a mild amount of heat and then an orange zest aftertaste.

Obviously this sauce is complex. It is not the sauce you want to add to just any and every dish. But, if you want to upgrade from your A1 or Heinz 57 steak sauce, Pickapeppa is the perfect choice. Grilled meats and roasts, would complement this sauce best. During my taste tests, I also took the advise of the Pickapeppa website (http://pickapeppa.com/) and topped cream cheese with the sauce. I then added it to a toasted bagel, wow, was it outstanding!

This tropical treat has just as unique of a smell, as it does taste. The strong, sweet smelling cloves pop, the pungent zing of peppers jump out at your nose, and the smell of sea salt drifts you to the ocean.

Overall, Pickapeppa, is a top notch sauce. In Jamaica you would say this sauce has got me “feelin’ irie”! Try it for yourselves, and as always, thanks for reading!

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