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Queen of Farts Hot Sauce Review


Editor's Review

If you like curry or sweet and sour then this sauce is for you.
9 Taste
3 Heat
8 Smell
8 Look

What can I say, I picked this hot sauce based purely on the name (and the fact it’s made by CaJohns didn’t hurt). A glance at the ingredients told me that this could either be a very tasty hot sauce or really really disgusting…but it’s CaJohns so why not take a chance…right?

First Impressions

The sauce has a mustardy color to it and seems to be fairly thick. After opening it I discover that it has a dropper top on it (technically they’re called “orifice reducers” but I’m too childish to use that name). The smell of the sauce is…well…it’s not your usual hot sauce smell. A co-worker of mine says the smell reminds him of McDonalds sweet and sour sauce…so there you go. Now to taste this bad boy!


I start off with a spoon full and much to my surprise this is one of the most delicious hot sauces I have ever tasted. It has a nice curry flavor to it, tangy and sweet. This should go great on a lot of food as it’s not a very over powering taste too. I’ve tried it on chicken Italian sausage, beef and peppers, eggs, veggies and meatloaf and it was good on them all. It was not good on pizza or pasta with tomato sauce however.


If you’re looking for something super spicy, skip this. It’s not very hot at all. According to the CaJohns website this only rates a 3 heat level. I would say it’s spicier then a Serrano but not nearly as hot as the Habaneros used to make the sauce.

Final Thoughts

This is quickly becoming my new go-to hot sauce. If you like curry or sweet and sour then this sauce is for you. I personally plan on keeping a couple bottles in my house at all times since I have gone through almost the whole bottle in the last week. If you’re looking for really spicy or you want a more peppery punch, skip this sauce…but seriously, don’t skip this sauce. It’s well worth a try…and so far it hasn’t really given me any farts.

Official Description:

Named for Sir Fartalot’s Mistress, a perfect blend of tropical fruit, curry and just a few Habanero chiles – gentle heat, enjoyable for everyone, all natural too!

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