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Review Guidelines


So you love hot stuff huh? Prove it! If you want to submit reviews of hot sauces, salsas, peppers, or other related products please read the guidelines below.

We require the following criteria when submitting a review. If you have more you would like to add, please do! We feel these cover the bases of a complete hot sauce review and provide our readers with useful information.


What’s it taste like to you? Is it vinegary, garlicky, sweet, tangy, tart? Maybe it has a hint of anchovies, though we’re not sure if that would be a good thing.


Of course, this is an important factor. Does it tingle your tongue, warm you up a bit, or completely melt your face? It is called HOT sauce after all.


Coinciding with it’s taste, most sauces are going to have a very distinct smell. Hell, they might even singe your nose hairs! Whether a vinegary scent or an overpowering garlicky aroma, let the readers know how it hits your nose.


How do you feel about the overall presentation of the product? Does the label have an awesome design? What stands out about the packaging? Some manufacturers use unique bottle shapes and sizes, wax dipped bottles, and other additions to make their product stand out.

Official Description

Most manufacturers are going to include some kind of a description on the bottle or package. We feel it’s a great addition to the article and our readers love to hear what the manufacturer has to say about their product.


Posts have two different types of images, featured images and content images. The featured are the large images you see behind the post’s title, and the content images are smaller ones embedded within the text. If you want to provide an image, that’s great, but if it does not fit the required dimensions, we reserve the right to find an appropriately sized photo for the article.

Featured Image Size: 1200px wide by 500px high

Context Image Size: 750px wide by 340px high


If you want to add these, great! If not, we do reserve the right to add these to the review as we feel it is an important addition for our readers.

Hot Sauce, Salsa, and Pepper Reviews

With these particular reviews, we have a “Review Score” box that goes along with each article. To see an example of the box, please check out our Original Tiger Sauce review located here: http://pepperheadsforlife.com/the-original-tiger-sauce-review

We require a numbered rating for each of the following criteria based solely on your personal judgement. These include:

  • Taste
  • Heat
  • Smell
  • Look

The number score goes up to a maximum of 10.

Other Guidelines

We understand that each review is unique and the above criteria may not apply. That’s totally fine! Shoot over your content and we’ll take a look at it! We just want to hear what you have to say about the products and share them with fellow Pepperheads.

To become an author, please make sure you read our general guidelines and fill out the form here.