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Santa Fe Grande Pepper Scoville Units

santa fe grande pepper shu

Scoville Rating
500 - 700 SHU

The Santa Fe Grande pepper, also known as the Guero Chili pepper, is a species of the chili pepper. When matured, the pod will reach about five inches in length and an inch in width. The color of the pepper will vary from greenish-yellow to orange-red. The pepper is mildly hot with a flavor with a sweet smoky appeal. It takes about eighty days after transplantation for the peppers to fully mature. The plants reach heights of up to two feet. The pepper pods grow in an upward pointing position, instead of downward like most. Each plant will have a yield of twenty to fifty pods during a life cycle.

 Preparing Peppers

The Santa Fe Grande pepper is so mildly hot that it is commonly consumed fresh and raw. Numerous individuals prefer this chili pepper over its hotter counterparts. The pods can be strung and left to dry in a warm area. Blanching dried peppers in extremely hot water brings the fresh flavor back. There is a rising trend among many to grind dried peppers and use them as spices. Ground pepper has an extended shelf life and can be added to a wide array of dishes. Fresh peppers can also be frozen for future use. They can be cut into large sections, rings, or chopped finely before freezing. They can be frozen whole but tend to stay fresher when cut up.

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