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Scoville Units for the Serrano Pepper

Scoville Rating
5,000 - 23,000 SHU

The Serrano Pepper is a type of chili pepper that originates from the Mexican mountain regions. The pepper’s name was given to it in honor of two of the mountainous states of Mexico; which are Hidalgo and Puebla. Every Serrano pepper plant can yield over fifty pods of pepper. Before maturation, the pods are a deep color of green. The mature color often varies from brown, yellow, orange, or red.

The climate and soil have a great influence on the color of the skin. This pepper is thin skinned with very few wrinkles if any. The Serrano pepper can grow to be about three inches in length with a long and pointy shape. They have a flavor that is surprisingly crisp and bright. This pepper is very meaty and does not dry well as a result. Drying is very difficult and therefore, the Serrano is usually eaten while fresh.

Basic Tips

With a rather intense amount of heat, the Serrano pepper should be handled with care. When processing, such as cutting or chopping, individuals should always use gloves. Gloved hands should never be allowed to touch other areas of the body or other individuals. This allows for transfer of the chemical compound that causes the burning sensation. When working in some of the meatier and juicier peppers, such as the Serrano, it is suggested that some type of safety glasses be worn to protect the eyes from splatter. Some of the products that can be beneficial in relieving the burning sensation from the skin are as follows:

  • Milk.
  • Antacid liquid medication.
  • Baby shampoo.
  • Petroleum jelly.
  • Vegetable oil.
  • OTC lidocaine gel or ointment.

Water does not work well. Capsaicin is not water soluble. However, it is fat soluble. Milk is also a good antidote for the burning associated with ingestion of Serrano peppers. The milk will relieve the burning in the mouth, throat, and stomach. Ice cream works well also. Many individuals suffer nausea and vomiting when an overly moderate amount of the pepper is ingested. All varieties of chili peppers should be consumed in moderation only. In some very rare cases, individuals have experienced some effects on the lungs. These included smothering, shortness of breath, and coughing. All effects will usually subside within an hour to an hour and a half.

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