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The Spanish Naga Chili

Scoville Rating
1,086,844 SHU

The Spanish Naga Chili, also know as the Gibraltar Chili weighs in at a whopping as 1,086,844 SHU with reports of it reaching over 1.2 million SHU. As a comparison, Jalapeño peppers are measured 10,000 max SHU. Created in Gibraltar by Chili Pepper Pete, it’s used in a number of painful hot sauces.


The brainchild of a UK man, the Spanish Naga’s story starts in the late 90’s when a pepper head from the UK came across Naga Peppers in India. He then continued to grow them himself at his home. Several years later the torch was passed on to his sister-in-law who continues to develop the strain on farmland in Spain. I’m not sure how accurate this claim is, but I found the story here. I would love to elaborate more on this.

Taste and Smell

With a fruity, citrus like aroma, the Spanish Naga packs a lot of sweet with it’s heat. When you first bite into it, yeah, it’s going to be hot, but they have a very savory, sweet taste with them.

Culinary Uses

The most common use for these peppers is making hot sauce. They can also be used for cooking. This is usually done with either powders or flakes, although some will use them directly in their dishes for added heat. Chefs should remember that a little goes a long way, and not everyone can handle this level of heat.


Cultivation information coming soon!

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