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START! Sauce Review

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This curry charged condiment is the beginning of a new journey into hot sauce for Americans.
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One hundred percent natural gets taken to a whole new level with “Start! Original Curry Hot Sauce”. With an impressive list of culinary achievement from certified vegan, to gluten and sugar free, this sauce is an eastern hot sauce emissary, sent to form alliance with all western hot sauce lovers.

The Sauce

First let’s focus on flavor. With Start! Sauce you need to throw out any presumptions you have, this flavor is rare and very unique. Curry powder is the primary flavor in this sauce, a spice most popular in the local cuisine of India, Southeast Asia and the West Indies. The first time I ever tasted curry powder was while eating Jamaican curry chicken. I was expecting spicy, hot flavors, but instead was met with semi-sweet and robust zest. That is a great way to describe this sauce; semi-sweet and robust. Slightly spicy and pungent notes from the red peppers and ginger are also present. All the flavors are preserved and tied together by the slightly sour taste of vinegar. Exquisite balance.

Now, this sauce is a self-proclaimed crossover that tastes good on not only traditional eastern cuisine, but also food that western culture is familiar with. With that said, when taste testing this sauce I had to test this claim. I poured a generous amount of sauce over two foods all Americans are very comfortable with: pepperoni pizza, and chicken strips. To my surprise, it worked well! Yet, so far rice dishes are my favorite for accompanying this sauce. I would strongly recommend this sauce to mild heat hot sauce fans, seeking a new type of zing.

Most Impressive

Start! Sauce really hones in on the health factor of their product. Most of the ingredients in the sauce are packed with health benefits. I have immense respect for all food products that have immense respect for the consumer. Great job!

Points of dispute

I would really enjoy a “hotter” version of this sauce. This is very mild and very enjoyable. However, I really think the savory and somewhat sweet taste of this sauce is the perfect setup for a much hotter version (I think the birds eye chile would be the best additive for more heat). So keeping the mild flavor, and adding a heated up edition to the product line would really be exciting!

Next, I do believe a fresher taste could be achieved by using less powdered ingredients. The sauce already taste awesome, but I have full faith that this would improve the taste even more. But readers, please note, this sauce is only $5 online, and the ingredients in this product are not cheap. So do know, if Start! Sauce were to use all fresh, non-powdered ingredients, I’m assuming the price would significantly rise.


This curry charged condiment is the beginning of a new journey into hot sauce for Americans. The flavors you experience with Start! Sauce expand cultural culinary boundaries and is refreshingly different.

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