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7 Pot Brain Strain

7 Pot Brain Strain SHU

Scoville Rating
7 Pot Brain Strain : 1,000,000 - 1,350,000 SHU

7 Pot Brain Strain is a variety that was developed from selected plants that could produce the desired traits. David Capiello developed this variety over 5 years ago when he obtained 7 pot seeds from a Trinidad and Tobago grower known as Sara. He selected the pods with traits that Moruga scorpions have and named them Brain Strain. Many growers believe that this is the hottest variety of the seven Pot strain chile plants. This plant is highly productive and has a fruity flavor like the other pots.


7 pot brain strain is a delicious pepper that is extremely hot and flavorful. The pepper is green when unripe but it turns deep red when ripe. This pepper scores 1,350,000 SHU when measured on the scoville scale. It has a high capsicum oil concentration. Its flavor is smoky with a sweet touch that leaves your brain straining to adapt to the fire inside your mouth.


As with most superhot varieties, seeds for this strain are difficult to germinate. They may take up to 40 days to germinate. A lot of care is required for the seeds to germinate. You need to give the seeds enough water and protect them from pests. If you give them a lot of water, the seeds will rot while too little water will not allow the seeds to germinate. You should sow the seeds in a heated greenhouse or heated propagator and kept at controlled temperatures. The seeds should be sown early in the season to ensure high yields. You should also keep watering the plant until it matures. A little help in pollination may also help your plants to produce more fruits.

The plant grows to about a meter in a pot, but it can grow bigger if you put it on the ground. They grow from seeds and mature in 160 days. The chilli pod looks like brain. This is why it was given the name, Brain Strain. It is said that one pod of this pepper will make 7 pots of food hot. The plant is cool looking with beautiful gnarly pods that are extremely hot when mature. These plants can produce pods of different shapes.


This pepper should be used sparingly because it contains nuclear heat. If you put a lot of it in food, you will end up sleeping hungry because the pepper is extremely hot. It has more placental tissues than other varieties of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 7 pot family. Unlike other pepper varieties, taking a bite out of the bottom of these pods to avoid the placental tissue will not help you here. These peppers are rarely found in the local markets but you can try finding them online. They can be used in sauces, stews and other types of dishes.

We also came across a very interesting post about the difference between the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and the 7 Pot Brain Strain. It seems that they may be the same pepper, which is a common occurrence in the pepper world. You can check out the article here.

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