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7 pot Douglah SHU

Scoville Rating
923,889 - 1,853,396 SHU

The 7 Pot Douglah is traditionally a brown color although some people are growing the red douglah offspring. The flavor of the Douglah is a sweet chili, which adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Since it so hot, you do not need to add a lot of this pepper to the dishes you are cooking. Which means it can make more flavorful food with very little amounts of the peppers.

The Scoville Heat Units rates the 7 Pot Douglah as the second hottest pepper in the world, rating it at almost 2 million SHU. The ratings vary from a 1.8 million SHU to 1.9 million SHU. Those rating change from year to year and they appear to rate hotter and hotter each year.

Do not be surprised if the Douglah peppers do not look like regular peppers. You can compare the douglah to snowflakes. No two peppers look alike. The oils are very strong and can cut through the average plastic gloves. It is very important to use caution if you have never worked with a douglah or any super-hot pepper before.

It is true that chilies are hot; some of them are the hottest in the world. The second hottest chili is the 7 Pot Douglah. Yes, we can watch the pain people have when they eat hot chilies but if you show, the Douglah the respect it deserves you can gain a lot of flavor to your dishes that you use the Douglah.

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