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7 Pot Jonah Pepper

The 7 Pot Jonah Pepper will have even the most seasoned of pepperheads running for a glass of milk or the water spigot to douse the flames this pepper ignites when bitten into! This pepper is hotter than a cat on a tin roof in July, hotter than blue blazes, it’s even hotter than two goats in a pepper patch! This is one pepper that should grow with a warning label branded into its flesh!


Seven Pot Jonah Peppers originate from Trinidad, an island country of South America, lies off the coast of Venezuela to the northeast. They come from the Chaguanas region of the country. While this is where the peppers originate, they are rarely found being sold in the local markets, as they are not farmed on a large scale. However, they are very commonly found growing in yards and on small, family farms.


The name 7 Pot Jonah comes from the saying that one pepper can be used to flavor seven different pots of stew, but cooking is just the beginning of their uses. These peppers have excellent health benefits when used properly as well. They are also ideal for making a military grade mace, and marine paint. They are excellent for marine paint as they discourage barnacles for growing on the boats.

Scoville Heat Units

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, these peppers are insanely hot! Hailed as one of the world’s hottest peppers, these bad boys have a Scoville Heat Unit rating, or SHU, of 1,200,000. SHU is a rough estimate as the actual number can change due to seed lineage and changes in conditions such as climate or soil. Even with fluctuating SHU ratings, these peppers will keep your mouth on fire for quite a while.


Once you get past the heat, the 7 Pot Jonah has a fruity, slightly nutty flavoring. They aren’t extremely pronounced flavors, though. Just enough to add something, other than heat, to a dish without overpowering any of the other flavors.


Due to genetic instabilities these peppers can vary in general appearance, shape and size. These peppers come in white, yellow, red, and brown, with their heat level tending to be higher in the lighter colors. They have a pimple-y, slightly shriveled skin texture. These peppers can grow to be decently sized.

There isn’t much else to be said about this blisteringly hot pepper, other than it is most certainly an interesting species of pepper. So, now that you know just about everything about the 7 Pot Jonah, are you up for a taste test?

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