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Scoville Rating
7 Pot Madballz : 850,000 - 1,066,882 SHU

This pepper is often referred to as the Capsicum Chinense but it is a different variation. It was created only in 2013 and is an F5 generation cross between a Chocolate Bhut Jolokia, also known as the Chocolate Ghost Pepper, and a Trinidad Yellow 7 Pot, which is in part what contributed to its name. It is no surprise that the person who created this pepper is an expert in his field with the nickname Madhatter. Interesting how the Madhatter included his name in his creation of the Madballz.

These peppers have a distinct fruity flavor and if you plan to grow your own you will need room for a plant that can get as tall as four feet growing peppers as long as three inches. Before the peppers reach their full ripened color they will be a light green and turn into orangeish brown, which will be followed by the full burgundy reddish brown color.

The best part about this pepper is the fact that it is still fairly new. It is not in abundance so not only can you have this wonderful flavor but you can enjoy it with your friends and guests who have likely not tasted something so extravagant and wonderful. This will surely keep you coming back for more even after the heat sends you running.


The 7 Pot Madballz is as spicy as it looks. It has a beautiful burgundy reddish brown color that has a semi shriveled look from the heat of the pepper. The 7 Pot Madballz is authentic to the United States and adds incredible but tasteful heat to your meals. The great thing about this pepper is that it doesn’t just add so much heat that you can’t taste the food, it doesn’t drain the flavor it simply adds great flavor.

Taste and Smell

So what do you expect to find when eating these peppers? Because of the pepper’s parents you can expect the heat to be intense, which it is. What is highly unique though is that you will get a nice fruity capsicum taste before the burning sensation. It is absolutely incredible to taste the flavor and heat from the same pepper. You want to make sure the cross was created the right way or you will get a heat different than what you expect, but when created the right way this heat will be a soulful 10.

SHU Rating
We could not find an exact SHU rating on this pepper. Since it is a cross between a Chocolate Bhut Jolokia and a 7 Pot, we used the lower end of the Chocolate Bhut’s rating and the higher end of the 7 Pot’s rating as a fair guesstimate.

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