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Aci Sivri Chili

Naming and Origins
The Aci Sivri Chili belongs to the Capsicum genus, and is a heirloom variety pepper. The pepper originated from Turkey but is found growing throughout Eastern Europe. The pepper is also called Turkish Cayenne because of it’s origins and appearance. This variety of chili pepper is hundreds of years old.

At 5,000 – 50,000 Scoville Units, the Aci Sivri Chili has a moderate level of spiciness. The pepper is dark red with a shiny exterior and is shaped almost like a rat’s tail. The top of the pepper near the stem is wide, but the diameter of the pepper narrows until the very bottom is reached. The pepper also has a curled or twisted appearance. When fully grown, the peppers can grow to lengths in the range of 5″ to 9″ .

The taste ranges from mild to scolding hot, but many are also tangy or sweet. In it’s fresh state before it has dried, the Aci Sivri Chili pepper is green. Many enjoy these peppers in their fresh state as well as their dried state. The pepper grows well in moderate climates, so it will most likely grow well in a home garden.

The pepper should be planted in full sun and needs adequate soil drainage in order to grow. Seeds should be spaced 1.95 inches apart to provide plenty of room for the peppers to grow. Aci Sivri is a very delicate plant which should only be planted well after the last frost has occurred. The plants should also be watered on a regular basis.

Aci Sivri Chili peppers are used primarily in Indian cooking. There are plenty of exotic recipes which can be created with Aci Chili peppers, but the pepper also works well with traditional recipes. They are often ground up into a powder for use with plenty of recipes.