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Big Sun Habanero

Big Sun Habanero Scoville

Scoville Rating
Big Sun Habanero : 300,000 - 325,000 SHU

Tackle the power of the sun with a crisp bite of the chili pepper that has now been christened the Big Sun Habanero. You may even have heard this pepper being identified as the Yellow Sun Habanero. It is an awesome example of spicy, garlic-flavor and has been specifically cultivated to please the palate of the most discriminating pepper aficionado.


Big Sun Habaneros are ferociously hot peppers that were originally grown in central African fields. Today these exotic plants are being successfully produced in other areas including the US and Mexico. No matter where the plants are grown the stunning, purity of hot, hot heat is not compromised. These peppers seem to absorb the ferocity of the sun and transform it into a powerhouse of tongue-tingling satisfaction. If you truly enjoy the hotter pepper flavors then the Big Sun Habanero is not going to disappoint.

Appearance and Cultivation

It only takes these leafy plants 90-110 days to reach maturity. Each of the plants will then produce a bounty of vivid, sunshine colored peppers. The bright yellow pepper pods provide a wonderful contrast against a backdrop of rich, woodsy green leaves. The compact pods are 2-3 inches in length and the skin is usually crinkled in appearance. Their vibrant color makes them easy to see when it is time to harvest these Habanero peppers.

It is the unusually complex flavor profile that makes the Big Sun Habaneros so popular with pepper-eating fans. The taste is a combination of fresh, fiery juice and sweetly tart garlic. Although the heat is the dominant component the garlic flavor demands to be recognized and refuses to remain in the background.

At first sight some might mistakenly believe that these Habanero pods are simply small versions of the tamer yellow bell-peppers. Let there be no doubt that this mistake will be corrected as soon as that first bite is taken. The searing heat will race onto your tongue and hit the back of your throat with a potent punch of pepper power.


Health devotees will appreciate the benefits that these yellow Habaneros can bring to the table. The brightly colored chili peppers offer an abundance of natural, botanical compounds that are being studied for their cancer fighting potential.

A Big Sun Habanero contains high levels of helpful anti-oxidants and other phyto-nutrients. The pods have also been found to be beneficial when used to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood-sugar levels and can even help stimulate your immune system.

These healthy, colorful peppers are rated at 300,000 – 325,000 on the Scoville Heat Register. This proves that they pack a powerful punch of satisfying heat for your tongue.

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Photo Credit: Kent Chili Farm