Guntur Chili

Scoville Rating
Guntur Chili : 35,000 SHU

The Guntur Chili comes with not only a intense smell and taste but also a rich cultural background. It is a favorite at most Indian markets and supermarkets around the world.


The Guntur Chili originated in India and is named after the famous chili market there, called Guntur. A majority of Guntur varieties are grown in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in India, locations which make it easy for farmers to carry their crops to nearby chili markets in Byagdi. The Guntur Chili is mostly exported to Asia, Canada, and Europe.


The Guntur Chili has a bright red color and measures about 2 to 3 inches long. Its skin is thick and smooth when still attached to the plant but turns more chewy and wrinkly when harvested.

Taste and Smell

The Guntur Chili has a very pungent smell. It can taste quite mild or very spicy depending on the specific crop and its Capsaicin content level.


The Guntur Chili can be crushed up and dried to form a powder. It is a vital component of most traditional Indian curries and relishes. It is also commonly used in Thai dishes but is a popular addition to all sorts of cuisines around the world due to its universal flavor.


The Guntur Chili is exclusively grown in India which means it thrives in hot weather. Its harvesting season lasts from December to May. Indian cultivator produce about 2,80,000 tons of the Guntur Chili annually due to its high demand worldwide.

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