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Guyana Wiri Wiri

Guyana Wiri Wiri Pepper

Scoville Rating
Guyana Wiri Wiri : 100,000 - 350,000 SHU

Hot peppers tend to thrive in hot climates, so it’s no coincidence that South America is the native home of many varieties of peppers. In the northeastern sector of South America rests the small country of Guyana. The people of Guyana have traditionally been amazingly careful in preserving the country’s plant life. This kind of nurturing environment has made Guyana the native home of several species of peppers.

Enter the relatively rare Wiri Wiri pepper plant. The usually round berries on the Wiri Wiri plant gradually turn from green to red. It is so cherry-like in appearance that sometimes it is called the Hot Cherry or Bird Cherry pepper. It is part of the species of hot pepper lovingly known as Capsicum Chinese. This is a breed of pepper with a unique taste that is somewhat difficult to describe. Although its spiciness is relatively minor for a hot pepper, there is a very, very definite zing, heat and acidity. This is perfectly balanced with a fruitiness and a kind of subtile richness. This balance of spiciness and fruitiness makes it among the best peppers for sauces and soup flavorings.

The Wiri Wiri usually has around 100,000 – 350,000 SHU’s. In other words, the Wiri Wiri is hot, but not so hot that you it can practically kill you. Just remember to have something to drink to cool the fire down.

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Photo Credit: Mark Jacobs