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Indian Jwala Pepper

The Indian Jwala Pepper is long,slender and wrinkled. It is classified as a chile pepper.It is believed to be native to India. When the pepper is ripe it turns fiery red. The Indian Jwala pepper is also called the Indian Finger hot pepper.
Like it’s fiery red color the taste is fierce and extra hot. Jwala means volcano in Hindi having a taste true to its name, this pepper is used to enhance most Indian dishes.

The Jwala pepper is the most popular pepper used in Indian dishes. The plant is easy to grow as it can be grown in the soil or in a container. The umbrella shaped plant bears many peppers. The peppers ripen in stages and are ripe when they are bright red and wrinkled. The Jwala plant grows peppers for one year and are easy to grow and maintain. The plants reach maturity in ninety to one hundred days.

The heat level of this pepper is very hot. Dried out this pepper makes great flakes or powder. This pepper dries out easily as its skin is thin and the pepper is very slender. You can find dried and fresh peppers in the market and on the internet. The Jwala pepper is used in salsa, salads, and even pickled.

When handling this pepper one should take caution do not touch your face,eyes, or skin. Even after vigorously washing ones hands you can still feel the burn if you touch your eyes. They may cause skin irritation, to avoid any of this wear rubber gloves when chopping this pepper.

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