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Ring of Fire Pepper

Ring Of Fire Ring Of Fire Pepper Extracts

The Ring of Fire Pepper is an exceptional hot pepper that is a deep flame red, warning you that it carries a bite. A very popular pepper, it is easy to grow and has a wonderful flavor. It has been replacing the standard Red Cayenne pepper in the kitchen and is very popular in the garden. And, like other peppers, it is very easy to preserve and to be used in recipes as a seasoning or extract.

What is a Pepper Extract?

An extract is a liquid form of a food item that can range from vegetable to fruit and can even be made from the roots, bark and flowers. The pepper essences or extracts you will find are made from the fruits of the pepper and contain all the flavor and heat of the pepper in a condensed form. The luxury of using pepper extracts is that you do not have to grow or shop for the pepper and you do not have to prepare the pepper.

Really how many of you have ever wiped your eye or scratched your nose after slicing into a hot pepper? This is so uncomfortable and some really hot peppers can burn your skin badly. Sometimes it is necessary to wear gloves while preparing hot peppers and even goggles. Using a pepper extract in recipes completely removes the danger factor of cooking with a hot pepper and lets you add all the wonderful flavor and heat you desire to your favorite recipes safely.

The Ring of Fire Pepper

The Ring of Fire is a pepper that grows to approximately 4″ inches in length and is very thin, measuring usually only 1/2″ inch in width. They are a very deep dark red when fully mature and grow much easier in a variety of climates and faster than their competitor, the Red Cayenne.

They are mature in 45 days from start, although they will still be green. The redness will come in between the 45 day and 60 day marks. The deep red pepper is most popular and the Ring of Fire is a favorite in chili cook-offs and contests. The pepper normally reaches 20,000 SHU’s by the time it is green but the flavor is more enhanced as the redness creeps in to the pepper color.

SHU’s are the measurement of the heat index of a pepper. The Scoville Heat Unit system was created by a Mister Scoville and measures the intensity of the Capsaicin in a pepper. The intensity of the heat can vary between sensitivities but is a reliable scale to measure the heat of a pepper.

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