SB7J Pepper

Scoville Rating
SB7J : 100,000 - 350,000 SHU

There are many hot pepper connoisseurs who are wanting to simply experience something new for themselves. They should think about some of the different types of crossbreed peppers that are emerging out on to the market. Thanks to their heat level, Scotch Bonnet peppers figure prominently in many of these different types of blends. The SB7J is a unique crossbreed, since it combines the Scotch Bonnet with the Jonah 7 breed. This has helped it to establish itself as one of the more popular custom peppers out on the market. This could also be a great choice for anyone searching for a challenge when it comes to growing these custom peppers.

Most people will be surprised by the unique look of these peppers. Scotch Bonnets typically have a fairly engorged bulb already, but this blend will take this to a new level. This will add a considerable amount of flesh to the exterior of the Scotch Bonnet, which will add to its overall appeal in many ways. A cross section of the SB7J will reveal that it tends to have a dense outer rind. Consumers may appreciate that this will help make the pepper perfect for harvesting and ultimately for cooking.

Another major draw for this pepper is that it is simply a very hot breed. The SB7J is among some of the hottest crossbreeds that are out on the market. Many connoisseurs are searching for peppers that will feature this kind of taste. They may want to find a reputable source of these peppers to try them out for themselves. Some people have even noted that these peppers tend to have a surprisingly fruity flavor. This will help lend a tropical taste to the pepper, improving its overall appeal in many ways. Culinary professionals may want to experiment with the SB7J, since it could quickly spice up almost any dish.

There are a few ways to secure the SB7J from the market. Since it is a crossbreed, it is a fairly rare pepper to find. It was only recently developed, being grown by independent pepper enthusiasts. But there are both pepper fruits and seed packages available to people out on the market. This could be an excellent resource available to people who want to grow it on their own. Cultivars should think about order these seeds through a trusted online venue. This could actually help them improve on the results that they have available to them.

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