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Scoville Rating
Tinyatoxin : 5,300,000,000 SHU

Tinyatoxin is another chief extract found in chili peppers that can determine just how hot they are and is actually the second hottest substance on the Scoville Scale beaten only by Resiniferatoxin. These substances have much higher SHUs than peppers themselves and at 5 billion SHU, Tinyatoxin is in the black or deadly range and requires special handling along with Resiniferatoxin.

This toxin is colorless and odorless and it should never be touched without protection and can cause serious or even fatal effects if humans or animals come in contact with it. Typically this compound will need to be stored at about -20 degrees celsius or lower for safe keeping. There are MSDS associated with Tinyatoxin that should be read before the compound is used for any lab work.

Where Tinyatoxin comes from is a plant called Euphorbia, which has many subspecies that have been known to produce naturally occurring irritants, but specifically the Euphorbia Poissonnii is the chief producer of Tinyatoxin. The Euphorbia plant itself is even used for removing hair from animal hides. Tinyatoxin’s chemical make up includes atomic structures of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen combined with other advanced chemical formulas. Tinyatoxin’s primary role is a neurotoxin that activates the vanilloid receptors and can have paralyzing effects when it contacts the sensory organs. The substance can be dissolved when used with ethanol or DMSO.

While Tinyatoxin when not handled properly can be extremely harmful to humans and animals, it also is being studied and experimented for medical purposes though it is not currently sold as a drug or other consumable product. Tinyatoxin is also formulated in pepper spray products used by law enforcement agencies. Taste exposure to lesser levels of SHU substances such as capsaicin extracts can help build pepper heat tolerance levels, but usually the Tinyatoxins and Resiniferatoxins are far too high for even people who have already high tolerance.

Peppers that Tinyatoxins can be found in are more extreme versions such as the Naga Bhut Jolokia or “Ghost Pepper”, Trinidad Scorpion Butch T, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and an American-grown pepper that ranks as the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper.

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