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Virginia Gentleman Hot Sauce Review

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Overall this is a hearty and exciting sauce.
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When any of my readers recommend or request my review of a hot sauce, it’s always taken as a compliment. Well this sauce was recommended several weeks back by a loyal reader, who spotted this sauce at Firehouse Subs.

When I first laid eyes on the bottle, I was nearly fooled into thinking I was looking at liquor. The bottle is shaped like a flask. In fact, the sauce itself uses bourbon as an ingredient! However, you won’t have to see the ingredient list to detect the bourbon. Both the scent and taste of this hot sauce indicate a clear bourbon presence. Whiskey lovers, meet your new dinner date.

The spicy, smoked flavor of the chipotles accompany the earthly and bittersweet bourbon flavor perfectly. Garlic and the right amount of salt gives the sauce a bit more depth in flavor. The best dish I would recommend for this sauce would be slow cooked pulled pork, or any meat with a higher fat content. The peppers, vinegar and bourbon make for a very acidic sauce. The fatty meat will give you a great balance.

Now the heat of this sauce may prevent you from playing drinking games and chugging the bottle, but it’s not too hot for a spoonful here and there. The specific pepper used in this sauce is not listed, but my guess is a ripe red jalapeno. Clearly this is a medium heat hot sauce.

The consistency of the sauce is very chunky. Big chunks of pepper flakes and chipotles are packed into the bottle. There won’t be any problem getting this sauce to stay put on your sandwich. Generally, I prefer the less processed, thicker style sauces, so this just adds appeal to Virginia Gentleman, in my opinion.

Overall this is a hearty and exciting sauce. The taste of this all-natural, unique delight is sure to give any hot sauce (or bourbon) lover a smile.

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