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Wicked Pepper Hot Sauce Review

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This bold flavored, low/medium heat sauce is sure to impress.
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Any hot sauce featuring a more “out of the ordinary” pepper always grabs my interest. And though the Fresno pepper is similar to the Jalapeno, it offers a very unique taste in this sauce.

This all-natural treat is crafted in Longwood, Florida. I was impressed in the creativity of the labeling along with the unique wax seal on top of the lid. But my favorite part is inside the bottle.

The sauce itself offers a vinegar based punch with lower tones of tangy spice. The Fresno pepper gives off a somewhat citrus flavor. It’s delicious. With each bite you get the tart, pungent smell of the sauce.

The only downside I can find in this sauce is that the strength of the vinegar makes it difficult to pair with some foods. A good comparison in vinegar content would be Tabasco. I would recommend putting them on your greens or jambalaya. Cream cheese covered crackers with several drops of this sauce is another sure way to make your taste buds dance.

Overall this sauce has clearly done something special with the Fresno pepper. This bold flavored, low/medium heat sauce is sure to impress. Really enjoyed this one!

Official Description:

“Wicked Pepper is an all-natural, artisan-crafted, seasonal release of various wicked batches of hot sauce made from a wide assortment of freshly harvested peppers.” http://www.thewickedpepper.com/

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