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Wicked Pepper Thai Hot Sauce Review

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The Birds Eye chili, better known as the Thai chili, is spicing up Wicked Pepper Hot Sauce’s “Wicked Thai”. In looks, this sauce is much like the “Wicked Fresno” that I previously reviewed. But in taste, the two are very different.

The similarity in the two is the high vinegar content. This is also, in my opinion, the only downfall of “Wicked Thai”. Now I know this may seem a bit hypocritical, seeing how much I admired the “Wicked Fresno”, but you must understand my reasoning.

When you have a pepper higher on the Scoville Scale, the capsicum (the peppers natural heat chemical) can hinder our ability to taste the flavor of the fruits flesh. So, when you throw a much hotter pepper in the mix with a large amount of vinegar, the flavor of the pepper can be tasted, but not fully expressed.

The hotter pepper, the less vinegar; that’s my personal preference.

Now for what I do like about this sauce. The salt content here is not harsh, but instead just right to shed a little light on the complex flavor of the chili. If you were to place both the “Wicked Fresno” and the “Wicked Thai” side by side, you may feel like you have hot sauce twins. But a side by side taste test will prove your eyes wrong.

Wicked Thai, has an earthy and faintly bitter taste. And though somewhat camouflaged, the thick skinned red Thai chili does give a nice flavor to the sauce.

Overall this is a tasty, affordable, and all natural sauce. Give it a try!

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