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Writing Guidelines

writing guidelines

So you want to contribute some content? We have a few writing guidelines and tips for you to follow to make sure that your fellow pepper heads get the best content about their favorite spicy fruits, sauces, salsas, and more!

Our Mission

Here at PH4L we are bringing everything hot in the world into one place. It’s a hub for pepper heads everywhere. Whether they are looking for a new sauce to try, a new recipe to make, or just a good laugh. We are also working to create the largest and most detailed database of peppers and extracts via our Scoville Scale.

Basic Writing Guidelines

The below guidelines are a basic overview of what we are looking for in submitted content and our guest post authors. We really just want to have fun around here and inform people while we’re doing it. So let your personality shine through in your text.

Post Types

We have several different post types that we feature here on the site. Please click on each corresponding item for more guidelines related to that article type. These include but are not limited to:

Our content is all about peppers. If you submit us a post about your favorite peanut butter or the best dress on the red carpet, we’re going to trash it.

Author Policy

We love our contributors. Seriously, we do. We want to help you out as much as possible because you are doing a great deal for our mission here. We will happily include your name, a link to your site, and if you like, a picture and biography. All of our authors will receive credit and links not only on the site post, but on all social media broadcasts of that post as well.

Word Count and Article Length

We are very lenient on this. It really depends on what type of article, post, or page you are wanting to submit.

Link Policy

You may link to other relevant pages and sources online, however we do reserve the right to link from content in your post or page to other relevant pages and affiliate pages, both on and off of our site.

Post Images

The dimensions for featured images are 1200px wide by 520px high.

The dimensions for inline images are 770px wide by 300px high.

We reserve the right to have a featured image above your post. You may provide a post image if you like, it must be a royalty free photo that is available for commercial use. We do not reimburse for stock images purchased on your end unless specified otherwise. If you do want to provide an image, you must also provide the proper attribution and link to the image. If you want to provide an image that you took, we will happily attribute it to you as well as your site.

Editorial Policy

Please do not be offended if we suggest some changes to your content. We do proof read everything before it goes live on our site, and we strive to provide the most accurate information to our readers. Usually this will only include formatting edits, such as headline styles, bullets, and paragraph links.

Republishing Policy

We do not allow republishing of content that you submit to us. Once you submit the post to us, it is to only be shared on our site. If you have previously submitted this guest post to another site, we will not accept it. This is to avoid any duplicate content issues.

You can of course share your post through social media outlets, or even on your own blog if you have one, but there must be a link back to our original post here on the site.

Cuss Words and Other Shit

While we want to keep cuss words to a minimum, sometimes they just fit better in the damn situation. So feel free to let them flow out of your pen tips and keystrokes, but we’ll let you know when too much is too much.


Currently we do not offer monetary compensation for contributors. We are however looking to build a team of authors moving forward and consider each person a candidate. As of now we can only offer an awesome platform to publish your material and share it with the world.


That’s about it. We are really easy going around here and we are all just looking to have a good time. If you have any content you want to submit, or if you are interested in becoming a guest author, please contact us.

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